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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Poem For A Special Someone

Why can’t I stop
Stop thinking of you
I try to fill my day
With lots of things to do
But I continue to drift
Wondering where you are
Do you have any idea
That on my heart you’ve left a scar
You have priorities
Places you have to be
I’m just so very sad
There’s no place for me
I fell in love with you
The keeper of my heart
It’s just very hard for me
Since we’ve been apart
Just thinking of you
Makes my heart race
There’s no one like you
Who brings a glow to my face
Did you ever stop to see
That each time we were together
I would melt within your eyes
A feeling I’ll always treasure
When I stop to think
All that we’ve been through
I can’t help but realize
I’m addicted to you.